what i did today

After I read blogs and boards and did some updating on the Apex Publications website sidebar, I took a Sprite, two 33 gallon trashbags, and mah fone upstairs to the office to see what I could tackle today.

I filled three trash bags, put more of the desk out in the hallway, packed Preston’s computer, packed two boxes, found some stuff I want to give to Fran, threw out the printed copies of all my Gwyddon notebooks (except my GBAC!), and shoved all the packed boxes against the wall.

I don’t feel like I accomplished a whole lot, but maybe I did. I do know that I’m exhausted and am ready to fall over. The office looks like a different place with all the junk cleared out of it. I still need to finish going through the closet and pack up the rest of the books.

Then … the bedroom. (where’s my little fainting girl emote when I need her??)