square pancakes

When Thomas as a baby, he had a book about a king who outlawed anything round in his entire kingdom. The sun and moon had to become square or they weren’t allowed to rise, wheels were square, pancakes were square, bread became square instead of rounded loaves. Nothing in the entire kingdom was round or could be round or rounded in any way. Chickens laid square eggs, melons were square. As you can imagine, this was horrible. The kingdom faltered, and the king eventually saw the error of his ways.*

Well, Thomas loved this story so much that I started making square pancakes now and again.

Personally, I think a square pancake holds the syrup better than a round pancake. 😉 LOL Sometimes I still will just for shits and giggles. Here’s a snap of one of the two I made yesterday morning. You can see where the pancake started out round and I pushed them into square. To make a square pancake, you have to make the batter just a little bit thinner than normal to make it a bit more malleable. Tilt the griddle the direction you want the batter to go and push it gently with the back of your mixing spoon. Or at least that’s what I do, which seems to work just fine.

square pancakes

So, go forth and make square pancakes!

*anybody remember this story? It was in publication in 1989. I can’t remember the author or the title of the book. I’d love to find it again to add it back to my ‘children’s shelves’.