good morning

Good morning. Good morning!

We’ve been here almost exactly a week now – it’ll be a week in about six hours. 😉 (I being facetious lol)

I still feel like I’ve more moved into the laundry room than the apartment at this point. Seems like I can’t stay out of the laundry. But I’m the one who had the bright idea – and good idea, imho – to wash every last thing in the house before it got put away. Most stuff just needed freshened up while others (like our coats and stuff that hadn’t been out of the closet in yonks) needed good washings. The blessing here is that we have a nice laundry room where everything runs like it’s supposed to and does an awesome job. Having said that, just after breakfast I’m on my way out to do at least six more loads – how ever many I can carry and pull at once. :snort:

My heart goes out to everyone in the Carolinas this morning, especially my family. Thank the gods things weren’t any worse. Am grateful, and y’all are blessed, that Hanna weakened considerably and is trucking on up the coast at considerable speed.