mari has a wall issue

My kitchen here is a galley – and there are no windows. So above the kitchen sink I have nothing. Well, the kitchen clock. But. There’s nothing. I have a blank wall. :goes to measure it: It’s 42″x22″ (down to the top of my little “over the sink shelf”) so about the size of a good sized kitchen window.


This blank wall is absolutely killing me. I need to put something there but haven’t a clue what. Well, one thing that will be going there is my kitchen witch x-stitch Sandhi made. Unless I find someplace else for it – maybe behind the stove – because of what it says (which is hilarious, imho).

My friend does kitchen renovation in Vancouver and he made some suggestions –
but any ideas? What would you do with that blank space? Remember this is a rental apartment, so I can’t paint or permanently alter any walls.