damn i’m good – repost

damn i’m good

Oct 28th, 2006 by Mari Retaggr Profile Card Edit |

[repost from Multiply blog from Nov ’05]

damn i’m good
Nov 13, ‘05 3:19 PM

– this is a No Spoilers post –
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I just have to post this here, if for no other reason than to just get it out of my system … If you got this post in its entirety via e-mail, just ignore me, okay?

I’ve been rereading Midnight. Again. Trying to get my bearings back, mostly. But it’s been interesting to see how elements of Midnight and Heir mesh together. See, the entire time I was writing Midnight, I preached, “No sequel! Absolutely no sequel!” But you know, there is one. Er, there’s two* of them now somehow.


While I was reading last night, I saw something that stunned me, and this is the world and the people I created!

But … If you sit and read the scene in Heir where Sami woke up screaming [spoiler removed (near the end of the book)] … And then you go sit and read the scene in Midnight where Sami spent the night at Michael’s and fell asleep with her face on the picnic table the next afternoon – and later told Michael that she remembered everything – “Most of it, anyway.” – from the night they first met, and you watch Michael’s reactions …

Well, it’s enough to tear your heart to pieces.

I caught myself jumping up from the table to grab a box of Kleenexes from the living room.

Yes, while I was writing the scene in Heir, I kept the scene from Midnight with me so I could play the second scene off the first, but … I had no idea … Did I subconsciously write what I did in Midnight unknowingly thinking that there’d be a sequel? Even as I was writing that scene in Midnight, I wondered at Michael’s reactions; they were strong, too strong imho, for what Sami was telling him she remembered. :sigh:

I think I need more of those Kleenexes …

* since this was posted a year ago, the two have become “three”