what i’ve been working on

So back in late October I gave up trying to write anything on Eventide and decided to rip apart book two, which is now called Midnight’s Heir.

Around the same time in 2008, I decided to rip Midnight apart. That project took six months start to finish. Reading, editing, writing, sending to readers, fixing, etc. The work I did was so extensive that I tossed out all previous manuscript copies (save for the very last one prior to this) and retyped the entire thing before I sent it out to my readers. And I ended up with a much better story because of it. I started shopping it to agents and publishers in June 2009 and continue to.

This is what I decided to do with book two. And I had to. I made so many plot changes to its parent that I had to throw out entire sections and do massive rewrites of others. While I’m still indecisive about throwing out one of the subplots, I finished the reading, editing, and writing segment yesterday. After I finish this blog post, I will start the retyping phase. I have notes scattered through my hard copy (and through the handwritten pages) of things I need to add and swap around, but I’ll take care of those as I get to them.

Typing will probably take me a couple of weeks. After that, the new, polished manuscript will be ready to send out to readers. If anyone reading this would like a copy – to offer critical feedback for me – drop me a note, and I’ll be happy to add you to my list.

(and maybe one day i’ll get around to fixing up this website! oy!)