new glasses

So I went last week and picked out some cheap frames at Wal-Mart – part of their new $38 glasses deal. I’ve not had new glasses since October 2000. Because they’re so expensive. The last pair I got was almost $300. To be honest, I wear contact lenses more than I wear glasses. I can see better through them. And since 2003, I’ve been wearing an awesome thirty-day lens, so I only have to put my glasses on to see to get from the bathroom sink before I go to bed the one night a month I don’t have the contacts in – then put the glasses back on to get back to the bathroom in the morning.

Well, I found a pair of frames I liked and took them back to the tech who had been helping me, and I fished out my prescription. She looked at it and looked at me and looked back at it. And she said, “You are aware that the lenses in these glasses are going to be very thick?”

Generally I don’t take well to people talking to me like I’m a blithering idiot, but Thomas was with me, and I chose to hold my tongue. I said, “Yes, I do. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was eight. They’ve always had Coke bottle lenses.” I smiled and told her, “But I only need them one night a month now. It doesn’t matter.”

She said, “Well, as long as you’re aware.”

I rolled my eyes.

When I got home I put the receipt on the bulletin board – it had a sticker on it with my glasses information that I had to take with me to pick them up when they came in. I put a sticky note on it that said, don’t forget to take old glasses to drop into donation box!

I got the call that my new glasses were ready for pick up yesterday, so I got my receipt and old glasses and went to Wal-Mart. There, I made a point to find and speak to the woman who had helped me last week. She started going on about the thickness of the lens in the new glasses, and I took out my old ones. I said, “Yes, I know.” She shut up. She didn’t say another word. She adjusted my new glasses, made sure they sat well on my face, and sent me on my way.

On my way out, I dropped my old glasses into the donation box.

my new glasses