addendum to oral surgery post

I added this to my previous post but am posting it here so those keeping up can find it easily.

[[addendum added **]] Then they got down to the part where he takes Prednisone. Before I could say anything but, “Prednisone,” they were all like, “Oh my god, how much and how often?!”

I feel like the damned Prednisone is all they cared about. What about the anti-rejection / immuno-suppressant drugs and high blood pressure medication? And everything else, come to that …

So I told them. “5mg every other day.”

And they tried to argue with me and Thomas both. “Prednisone doesn’t come in that size of pill.”

“We split it in half.”

“But it doesn’t come in that dosage.”

“Look, we take a 10mg pill and split it in half, and he takes it every other day.”

“Okay. We just had to know because we give the patients a certain steroidal dosage with their IV.”

“Which steroid and how much?”

They wouldn’t tell me.