work in progress

Not my writing at the moment but this blog.

If you navigate to the bibliography page, you’ll note that I’ve changed some stuff around.

First of all, for right now, I’ve taken down all the pages for all five books. I’m going to give them a complete overhaul and then I’ll put them back up. One at a time. I’ve decided to put them up as I get the edits for them completed. So if you’re just dying to read that excerpt from Daybreak one more time, you’ve got a long wait*. But – this way, I have clean manuscript to work with. This will help me post up clean information pages.

That’s the goal, anyway.

I’m still not happy with that bibliography page, though. I feel like there’s information lacking. If you’re a book reader, what would you like to see that isn’t there? What am I missing? What’s there that you do like?

What do you think?

*am just now in the exact middle of the edits for book two.