good news du jour

Woke up to two missed calls and two voicemails on my cell phone this morning. Both from the same number. Both from Frankfort. The panic kicked in — what did I do wrong this time? So I called my voicemail and received the best news I could have ever hoped for.

Thomas’ SCL waiver was finally approved!! This means he’s been put on the waiting list for assisted living housing (among other things). The list is long, years long. But the woman I spoke with when I called back said that they are also ‘reprocessing’ his emergency SCL application. I should hear something back on that before the end of the week.

When I first heard her words in the first voicemail, I didn’t believe it. I got so emotional I couldn’t hear the rest of the message and had to end up playing it back three more times. (The second message just had further information / instructions for me.) But I have cried all day long. Good, happy tears. The tension has been rolling out of my body, and as a result I’m exhibiting flu-like symptoms. But I’m happy!!

I explained everything very carefully to Thomas. He’s confused and doesn’t completely understand. That’s expected. He keeps asking if he’ll be able to take his car with him when he does get a house. That’s one question I can’t answer. Everybody I’ve talked to about him keeping his car, they’ve all given me different answers, so that’s all wait and see. Personally, I don’t think he should be driving at all. But at the same time, he’d be crushed if he had to lose his license and his car. And honestly, he’s been doing a lot better with driving since he sold the truck and bought the Monte Carlo (now if I could find someone who could do repair work on the car inexpensively, that’d be terrific! :cough:).

He was approved for the Michelle P waiver last month. And after we got all that paperwork done and he decided which programs he wanted to participate in, we found out that even though he got the approval for the waiver, he has to get approval before he can start any of the programs. I keep telling people, it’s like working with and waiting for the Redundant Bureau of the Redundancy Bureaucracy. But I think once he gets into the programs and is able to start participating he’ll be just fine.