thomas’ first day at adt

He had a good time at ADT today! Just after he left, his day coordinator called to let me know they’re having a Mother’s Day dinner on Friday and invited me to come. Before she hung up, I asked her how he did and told her that before he left home this morning, he told me he was afraid he’d spend all day bored and unhappy. She said he did terrific! They had a good time. She’s from Campbellsville, which is about 20 miles from the farm where he was raised. She said, “So we bonded.”

They’re going to the Children’s Museum (Explorium) tomorrow.

She sent me home a calendar to hang on the fridge. They have activities for every day of the month. Like PuttPutt Golf, Chuck E Cheese, Shaker Village tour, Legends baseball game, grilling out at the park, visiting the Kentucky Horse Park.

And he was worried he was going to be bored??