therapy / adhd update

So I saw my regular therapist this morning and told her about the whole ADHD thing with Thomas’ psychiatric nurse. Her jaw hit the floor almost like mine dit. But we sat there and talked, and the more we talked, the more she was in agreement with the nurse’s assessment. Unfortunately, comprehensive care can’t treat ADHD – they can talk about it and guide you toward someone who can treat it, but they can’t treat it themselves. On the upside of that, I did go to Medicaid yesterday and got turned down as expected and went in and made an appointment so I can get started at Paragon Family Health. I do that early on June 28th – wish me luck; I don’t do day well; mornings are hell.

My therapist did loan me a book to read. I’ll have to run it back out there when I’m finished, but that’s okay. Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults: Practical help for Suffers and Their Spouses. It looks very useful. She also gave me information on how to contact the Bluegrass Chapter of CHADD, and I’m going to do that as well.