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Favorite Phrase of the Day:

[disclaimer: this is an excerpt of my second book and may contain spoilers if you’ve not read the first]

Jeremy wasn’t as kind. Standing across the table from Sami, he gripped the back of a chair as he spoke. “You are just jealous,” he accused, his voice cold.

Steve said, “Now–”

Sami held up a hand. “Steve,” she said, “sit down.”

He sat.

“You too, Jeremy.” She laced her fingers together on the tabletop. “I’m not jealous,” she said after he took a seat. “But I am angry…I don’t like your sanctimonious attitude. I’m not like Daddy, both of you know that. I’m not anywhere near as kind or as giving or as forgiving. And I sure the fuck don’t do things just because people think I’m supposed to.”

Steve touched her shoulder. “Honey, this is just us. You don’t need to be so upset.”

“Well then,” she retorted, “would you rather I kept it ‘just us’ or that I kept it ‘in the Family’ and called everyone in for a meeting? Because I can. And I can have it out with everyone all at once.”

“You’re right,” Steve said, his shoulders squared. “It’s much better for you to lose your temper in front of the entire Family.” He clasped his hands together in front of him. “I’ll just sit here, now, and be quiet.”

Sami turned to Jeremy. “Now, about your attitude, Mister Bradford. What the hell did you think would happen? Did you even think about what you were doing, or were you so caught up in the emotion of what you thought you wanted that you skipped a step or three?”

He was unable to give her an answer.

“See, that’s what I thought.”

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