so i went to the doctor monday

I keep saying ‘doctor’, but I saw a nurse practitioner. I went to Paragon Family Practice after seeing Thomas’ therapist with him earlier in June and my own therapist for the last time around the same time.

Unfortunately, the clinic I was going to doesn’t treat ADHD, the wait to see the psychiatrist (I was seeing a psychologist; they can’t prescribe mediations) would have taken as long as September or October – and my therapist and I both had agreed in May that it’s long past time that I started on medications for my panic disorder / depression. After I told her about the possible ADHD, she agreed that the two (three?) can exacerbate each other. No surprise there. This is when she sent me home with her copy of Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults: Practical help for Suffers and Their Spouses and said I could bring it back or mail it back, and we said goodbye.

So through my course of reading the book, I made a list for both myself and for Thomas of symptoms and traits as I came across them. By the time I reached the end of the book, I had a list of 30. He had a list of 12. I found out at my appointment Monday that a person has to have only five recognized symptoms to qualify for a diagnosis.

I’m very happy with the clinic I went to Monday. Everyone was very helpful, very friendly, and quick. I went in at 9:45 and told the woman at reception that I was late; i knew my appointment was at 10, and I had meant to be there at 9:30 and had to stop to put gas into the car so I could get there – so I was late. She smiled and told me I was “just fine”. My appointment wasn’t until 10:30, and they’d told me to be there at 10 so I could get all of my paperwork filled out, etc, etc. After I had all my vitals measured, the nurse and I went into the exam room to discuss my medical history. She went down the sheet I had filled out and was very thorough. She told me that I was “really going to like” the nurse practitioner who had been assigned to me.

And I did. She is friendly, thorough, and very caring. I left that clinic feeling like I’d been well taken care of.

She came in, and we talked for a while, and she went through my history piece by piece. Then we discussed the reason for my visit. I told her about the book I had read and told her I had brought along a list. And we discussed that. And she asked for me to read some of the highlights on my list. She said to tell her “two or three big things”. So I found the biggest things read read them off. She held up a hand and said, “That’s more than enough.” That’s when she told me about needing only five qualifiers. She took the list from me and read it and said, “Yeah,” and wrote my referral to their psychiatric clinic – the clinic where Thomas receives his therapy.

Then we discussed my blood glucose levels over the last six months. I told her more about my family medical history in that area. And she seemed as concerned as I am. I told her that I really wanted and needed to be tested. I told her I wasn’t sure how I could afford to take care of myself if I do test diabetic, but she said we’d work on that when we got there. She sat there and worked out the cheapest way possible for me to afford the blood test I need. She worked it down to $25.50; I go back and have that done the morning of July 9th (next Friday). Then she’ll call me with the results when they come in.

I left armed with the paperwork to bring back with me to qualify me for their $25 program. This is a blessing. I’ll be able to see someone when I need to (and gods know there’s been times over the years since we moved up here when I’ve needed to see someone and couldn’t afford to go)!

I was back home before 11 that morning.

Thomas saw his therapist later, at 1, that day. He goes in and sees her alone for a while, then I go in and sit and talk with them both. She was absolutely appalled when she found out how high my blood pressure and blood glucose levels had been. She laid down the law to both Thomas and me.

I’m no longer to do any of his chores. (He’s gone a month without making his bed – but his current behavior is a whole other blog post! ugh!) He’s on his own. He has to do his own laundry, clean his room, etc, etc, etc. And if he doesn’t like what I’m making for dinner, he’s to take his food stamp card to Kroger or wherever and buy something for himself. I’m no longer to cater mine and Preston’s meals toward Thomas; it’s ruining my health, and I didn’t have it to ruin to begin with; it’s just flushed it further down the toilet. He got so upset through the course of our discussion that he got up and left. But she told him at one point before he left, “Tough. You’re not five any more.”

Needless to say, he’s not had a good week this week.

Preston and I are struggling to remember how and what we liked to eat before Thomas moved in last year. We truly can’t remember a lot of things. It’s the pits. We’ve got to sit down and brainstorm before the ninth so I can create my grocery / cooking list for the two weeks following that.

So that’s where I am / we are right now.

Did I mention I now own a goldfish?