i write out of order

I find I must write whatever is in my head at a given time. I can’t simply just make a note and come back to it later. Now, with some stuff I can. If I’m editing and think “Oh, this needs x y and z”, I can write down what that is and fill in the gap later. Of if I’m writing and I remember that I never did fill in Gap B, I make a note so I can look and do that later.

I don’t even write by chapter. I write by scene. Now, I know in the time frame where that scene goes, so when I save the file I can save it as “sami and mick talking about april – december 2004” or something so I know what it is and where it goes.

I’ve had people say, “But when I read something I can tell person wrote it out of order and stitched it together later.” I’ve never had anyone tell me that.

[this post born out of a comment i left on this blog post]