got my blood test back

Well. I’m not diabetic. But I could be if I don’t get a hold on my diet. My A1C is 5.9. You want it under 5.6. She told me since my glucose had stayed so low (in the low 70s) most of my life (‘normal’ is 126) that it’s an indicator that I could be diabetic especially given my family history. But right now she told me that I can get a handle on it with diet and told me to watch the bread, crackers, pastas, and potatoes and not to sugar anything – which I only put a little sugar on cream of wheat, oatmeal, and unsweetened cold cereals. I drink tea all day and use Sweet’N Low in that.

She said her biggest concern is my hemoglobin. I’m severely anemic. Apparently my numbers have dropped since I did all that testing to give Thomas a kidney three years ago. I mean, I’ve been anemic my entire life, but I had always only been ‘borderline’. Normal hemoglobin runs from 11.5 to 15. Mine is 9.6. She said people get transfused if the number drops toward 7. But I don’t tolerate iron. So she was clueless what to tell me to do. She is going to talk with a doctor and call me back on Monday.