good times, good reads

i apologize for the lack of capitalization in this post. i wrote it for an email to a group i belong to, and they’re used to my ee cummins oddness. cross-posted it to a message board and thought, “you know, this would make a great blog post. so here it is in all its uncapitalized glory:

got a good haul today.

i found a two-fer package of a set of journals (6×9) that i’d been pining for but that sell for $40 each and figured i’d never have. $10. three movies that i’d been looking for for $3 each (including 2 days in the valley lmao). a copy of thorn birds that was almost brand new (half cover price); i’d mentioned to preston just a couple of weeks ago that i’d been wanting to reread it and no longer had a copy. and i can’t tell you how many young adult books i came home with – fifty cents each. although i managed to bring home a copy of “the secret room” and already have a copy; meh, i can resell it.

see, i have this … thing … about children’s books. i always have. and over the last five or six years i’ve been trying to rebuild my children’s book section.

i have this. the listing says it weighs 4.6#. i believe it lies. i think it’s more like 50#. this is not a book you read in bed. lol but it’s gorgeous (and no i didn’t pay $50 for my copy; i got if for like $20) and if anything ever happens to it, i’ll have to smackabitch.

i also have this, but i swear to the gods at 3# it’s ten times lighter than the narnia book. lolol

i like going to half-price (not where i got paddington nor narnia btw) because it lets me rebuild my section fairly inexpensively. i make a point of looking for stuff like the complete beatrix potter and little golden books – but it’s gotten nigh on impossible to find the lgb in hardcover now. 😦 and i go into the section that houses the fourth, fifth, and sixth grade level books and try to remember names of stuff i read – like starring sally j freedman as herself, tales of a fifth grade nothing, are you there god it’s me margaret – and into the ya section for similar. fifty cents a pop. how can you pass up that stuff? there’s tons of great reading and tons of great memories in all of those pages.

i recently reread a bunch of beverly cleary and almost all of the “anne of” books.

i had a great aunt and uncle i loved visiting when i was little. they had the perfect little house, and uncle tom had a building on the other side of the garage that was full of nothing but model trains (he worked for l&n :)). my favorite room had a tall shelf crammed with nothing – and i do mean crammed; it was hard to get books down lol) – but children’s books, and there were tons of fantastic children’s toys (like wooden toys and blocks and stuff). they had this HUGE front porch that was screened in. you could sit out there for days on end with fresh apples off the trees and books. :sigh:

okay yeah. i want to be aunt nellie when i grow up. rofl