little book

Preston and I have a little book – it has blue butterflies on it, of course – with our Gwyddon wedding vows, handwritten notes from our guests (with the cards they gave us saved in the back), a copy of the invitation, tickets to the Elton John / Billy Joel concert, tickets to the Barenaked Ladies concert, and stubs to every movie we’ve seen together since Shrek (May 2001). It also includes the addendum to the wedding ritual I added in to honor Mommy after she passed away July 20, 2000 – nine days before.

And beginning July 29, 2001, we started writing notes to each other. We promised the Gwyddon who performed the ritual that we would write a yearly note to each other.

We’ve kept that promise, although a couple of years we didn’t remember until some time in August to do the writing. But it’s in there. We’ve never forgotten entirely.

This year we both wrote a page.

One day we’ll run out of room, but we’ve not even reached the middle of the book yet!