blog updated

I updated my site after coming over here and seeing that the latest WordPress update had reverted the sidebar back to default for some reason (never had that happen before!

I corrected something that should have been there since last May (as in May 2009 when we went on pre-order) and especially since last October. :blush: I finally put an order link for Harlan County Horrors on the sidebar. Whoops. I can’t believe I didn’t have that up there before now. Total and complete oversight on my part. Big and huge oversight. Jeeze.

I also set the tagcloud so that it is left-flush instead of centered. I didn’t like the way it looked centered.

As well, I updated the header image. We’re not into Fall yet, but we will be before we know it even if it doesn’t feel like it right now. As well, as much as I loved that picture of the mountains at Cumberland Gap, it just didn’t match the background image. So, it’s all better now.

If you’re on Google FriendConnect, please feel free to add yourself to the widget on the sidebar.

I think that’s it. Have a good Sunday.