guest blog: electronica remix of “the sound of silence”

Title: Duptribe’s Electronica Remix of Simon & Garfunkle’s Classic
“The Sound Of Silence”

I’ve been a music lover my whole life. My first memory of music is
listening to Simon & Garfunkel’s song Mrs. Robinson on my rocking
horse when I was three. Like most kids, I cried a lot. One day my
parents realized that if they put me on my rocking horse and played
Simon & Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits, I would instantly stop crying and
be happy.

Since then, music has been my salvation and Simon & Garfunkel are
still one of my favorite artists. So when a friend of mine gave me an
electronica remix of of the Simon & Garfunkel classic “The Sounds of
Silence” by Duptribe, I was interested in hearing it. At the time I
wasn’t familiar with Duptribe or electronica, so I didn’t know what to
expect, but by the end of the first verse, my mind was blown!

The remix begins with the first verse’s original vocal track, a clean
electric guitar playing the original chords, backwards piano, ambient
and pulsating synthesizer sounds, tasteful background percussion, and
sweeping electronic noise. By the second verse, a crisp, big sounding
breakbeat comes in that really starts to make the track groove,
practically forcing the listener to get up and dance. The song
continues to the end, tastefully mixing the instrumentation and
breaking the beat in and out of the song, until the end. Suffice it to
say, I never knew a mellow folk song could be so danceable.

Since hearing that song, my life has changed. I have become a big fan
of electronica and electronica remixes. The official title of the
track is “S.O.S. (The Sound Of Silence)” by Duptribe. It was released
in 2003 by German record label EastWest Records. Whether you are a fan
of electronica or not, I highly recommend checking this track out. It
could change your life.

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