facebook fail day

A lot of us will probably (not) remember Thursday, September 23, 2010, as “Facebook Fail Day”. Here are some tweets I snagged off Twitter before Facebook found itself again that afternoon:

@southboundcat Facebook down and you’re not on Twitter. Options? What is the cost of a US postage stamp?

@brevitymag Facebook is down, so open a window and shout your status update to the people outside. If they ‘like’ your status, they’ll hold up a thumb.

@jasonpinter With Facebook down, my guess is editors will be receiving tons of late manuscripts tomorrow from authors who could no longer procrastinate.

@postsecret BREAKING NEWS: Facebook is down. Worker productivity rises. U.S. climbs out of recession. @OPB

@thedollsays Facebook users are roaming the streets in tears, shoving photos of themselves in people’s faces and screaming ‘DO YOU LIKE THIS? DO YOU??’

@keeganfrank How am I supposed to keep up with people I haven’t seen in 10 years without the friggin’ Facebook?

@billyeichner Facebook is still down!!! If anyone knows that weird girl I went to camp with, please tell her I said Happy Birthday!!!

@celticcycle FaceBook down! Billions friendless! Humans entering outdoor enviroments! Global panic takes over!

@quantumparticle Facebook is down, and I couldn’t care less.

@southboundcat Imagine a real crisis: No electricity, no shelter, no food and no faceBook. Wait a minute, did I say food? No TUNA? Help!

@Disalmanac: UPDATE: Facebook is still down; millions of Americans moving to Farmville, Kansas.