new coffee table

I keep forgetting to blog about this! Bad me!

But a few weeks ago, I was sitting here contemplating taking a nap and just happened to pop on Twitter in time to see two pals were giving up their coffee table. I asked for specs, and they brought it to me. It looks terrific in my living room and really made a difference in how the room looks.

Miss Kitty finally got over her fear of walking across it – even though both of my end tables are glass-topped. I think the ginormous drawer in the coffee table was throwing her off. Or something. She is a calico, after all.

I keep joking (not really – it needs to happen) that I need to get rid of Preston’s armchair and get him a new/newer one. I need a new/newer entertainment center / tv stand, too. The one we have is falling apart. It’s age really shows, and we lost the hutch that goes on it when we moved from Richmond Road to Tates Creek five years ago.

I moved the old coffee table over in front of the patio door and brought my plants inside. I have one pathos, one lily, and two geraniums on the table. The other pathos, which is huge now, is in his pot on the floor. (my other pathos, Charlie, is still at Kathy’s waiting to be brought home)

It looks really nice in here.