a poem

Heart on My Sleeve

I’m in love with the
you as familiar
as my own shadow.

I hold you in my heart
but you don’t see me.
I gaze deep into your soul
but you don’t feel me.
I see you in front of me
though I shut my eyes.
I feel you against me
though you aren’t here.

I hear your voice.
Your energy envelops me.

I feel your
fingers in my hair.
I feel your
weight on my body.
I feel your
breath on my skin.
I taste your
tongue in my mouth.

Our dance,
intricate choreography.
Your blood runs like poison
through my veins.

I smell you on my skin
and in my hair.

I’m not content
to watch you leave me.
I’m not content
to say goodbye.
I’m not content
to let you go.

Welcome to
my private hell.

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