adding a new bit to my about page

it will read something like this but am sure will undergo many edits until i’m happy with it:

Why The Midnight Garden?

Once upon a time, when I lived in Loyall during the Dark Ages, Preston and I were co-SysOps for dial-up BBS called “Harlan Nights”. I based my BBS rules on those of the World Message Exchange. The board hosted several conferences and doors. My favorite door game was Legend of the Red Dragon*. I spent a lot of time playing that game, and in the Electronic Costume Party, Religion, Poetry & Prose, Jokes (Clean!) (thanks, Bill Eagle!), Pagan, Tagline Swap**, and Debate conferences (some BBS systems called conferences “echoes”).

Then in 1996 I discovered Concrete Blonde, and Preston told me that their song Darkening of the Light reminded him of me. Around the same time, I wrote a poem called The Midnight Garden. The name stuck, and we renamed our BBS. This segment in particular of the song lyrics is what grabbed me:

And the shadows (And the shadows)
Like a sadness (Like a sadness)
Falling all across the garden
Dancing (Dancing)
In the garden (In the garden)
Are you there? Are you there?

Shine on friend
Why then the darkening of the light?

I started writing what would become the first in my Harlan Vampire Series (although I’ve learned recently that they’ve gained some infamy on college and university campuses as the “Hillbilly Vampires” which makes me smile and giggle) in October 1996. It only seemed natural to call that story Midnight – so much imagery ended up woven all through the story because of that one simple word.

In 1998, I started fiddling around on the Internet and moved TMG from dial-up to EzBoard. It lived there for some time, until my Pagan group, The Gwyddonic Order, got its own website in 2002, I believe it was. After that, I moved the board over to phpBB software. Somewhere in the last four to six years I found myself running two boards – TMG and a private board which were so identical that I often got confused as to where I was posting. On top of that, my life got insanely busy, and I finally had to let TMG go.

I bought my first domain for myself in 2004 and called it Harlan Vampires News – I did all of my blogging about writing and publishing and anything thereto related there. I maintained my personal blog on a subdomain belonging to one of my friends; that blog was called BlueMoon Journal and came into existence in 2002. In 2006, I think, I discovered having my own name as the domain as opposed to something “fancy” would help fans and readers (and friends!) find me more easily. (I’ve seen this go both ways; for example, writer Scott Nicholson’s website is called The Haunted Computer). So I bought this domain, Since then, I’ve reconfigured my entire online life so that I can be found everywhere online under the Mari Adkins moniker, as it should be.

When it came time to give the website a name other than “Mari Adkins”, of course I turned right to TMG. And the website has been called Mari’s Midnight Garden since. I can’t imagine ever calling it anything else. For the longest time, I kept the writing blog as MMG and had a subdomain on my site for BMJ. It became tedius, very time-consuming. In the end, I downloaded the BMJ database and uploaded it into the MMG database and deleted the subdomain.

And that, my friends, is why.

*By the way, you can play LORD online, which is now called Legend of the Green Dragon. My name is Amethyst there. I’m a fighting elf who’s also currently a stablehand.

**If for any strange reason anyone would like copies of my tagline archives, I’d be happy to .zip them up and email them.