monday had a case of the mondays

After I checked the time for today’s appointment last night, I set my alarm for 9:30. I got up this morning, got Thomas up at 10, and we left the house a bit early so I could put a bit of gas in the car before we drove to Harrodsburg Road. We got there, I signed Thomas in, and we sat down to wait.

The receptionist called me back up to the window. She said, “I’m sorry, but Thomas’ appointment was at 10:30. We’re going to have to reschedule.”

I said, “We’re not late. We’re ten minutes early.”

She said, “The computer has him listed for 10:30.”

I said, “He was scheduled to be here on the sixth, and I had to call and reschedule. Whomever I called and rescheduled with that day told me 11. That’s what I plugged into my online calendar.”

She said, “It’s always important to write the time of your appointments down so you don’t miss them.”

I said, “You’re not listening to me. I was told his appointment was at eleven and that’s what I recorded on my calendar while I was still on the phone making the appointment. I always do this so I can repeat the information back to the person I’m speaking with to make sure I got it right.”

Luckily Mitzy was standing there and overheard the exchange. She oversees complaints.

While she was busy fixing Thomas’ problem (their problem?), I told her that I’d never gotten a reminder call like I usually do.

Mitzy said that their reminder calls are handled by a phone service and looked on the computer and said, “We left you a voicemail on Thursday.”

I said, “No, no one did.” I scrolled through my calls back to Thursday. I last cleared my calls log on October 11th. No calls from my voicemail on Friday, October 15th. I called my voicemail and opened the fold so they could hear – no unanswered or skipped voicemails.

She apologized.

After we got Thomas rescheduled for next Monday – at four in the afternoon! – I said, “Well, while we’re all standing here. I have an appointment tomorrow at 11:30. Could you check and make sure that’s correct?”

The receptionist said, “We don’t have you on the schedule for tomorrow.”

I said, “It’s a good thing I checked then because that’s what S and the receptionist told me when I was here this time last month and wrote down on the card. I’m supposed to see H tomorrow morning at 11:30.” I looked at Mitzy and said, “And so far I’ve not received a confirmation call.”

The receptionist said, “You’re not on the schedule.”

Mitzy went into the back to pull my folder. Nothing was recorded for me for tomorrow. She said that I have an appointment scheduled with the resident psychiatrist in December and asked if that sounded familiar.

I shook my head.

She said they have a policy that new patients see the psychiatrist some time in their first four to six months just to make sure things are going okay.

I told her we’d never done that with Thomas.

She said that was odd, and I invited her to check his file. She said that was okay; she believed me.

I said, “Well, I saw S last month because M is out on indefinite medical leave. S said that I’m being switched over to H because S is a children’s therapist, and I’m not children. We scheduled my appointment for tomorrow at 11:30.”

Again the receptionist told me I wasn’t in the computer.

Mitzy rolled her eyes. She told the receptionist to look at Heather’s tomorrow’s schedule to see if they could work me in. I go in at three.

When I got home, to make sure I’d not lost my mind, I opened Outlook to check my calendar for today, tomorrow, November, and December. I have nothing recorded for November so far except Thomas’ annual dental check-up, my Thursday writing critique group, and my monthly reminder to change my contact lenses. For December all I have is the premieres of Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Tron: Legacy (which, people, isn’t a remake! please!), True Grit, and Apex Day 2010. I put my appointments in blue, Thomas’ in purple, Apex/HCH events in acid green, etc, etc, so I can keep everything straight.

I very distinctly remember our appointments because Banfield had scheduled Miss Kitty for a check-up today at 10:30. While I was there that morning, I told Dottie that Miss Kitty couldn’t make it due to Thomas’ appointment and asked if I could bring her in at 10 tomorrow which would allow me to drop her off at home before I had to be in therapy.

I know I get scatterbrained, but appointment times are one thing I implicitly do not screw up. This has left me really aggravated and I’m sure is what fueled the nap I needed to take this afternoon. If I go over there tomorrow and there’s a problem, everyone within the sound of my voice will be able to hear me screaming.