rolly poly fish heads

I never thought I’d be someone who would enjoy having an aquarium. For real. I never thought I’d enjoy having fish … Thomas bought a 1.5 gallon tank back in late April I think it was. We added some fish to it, and it was neat. That was about the time he started spending less time at home, and I was the one taking care of his fish. I asked him if I could move the tank from his bedroom to the small bookcase here in the dining room. I thoroughly enjoyed having the tank there. ‘Sit and watch the fish’ became a pastime, much like sitting and looking out the window (only I sit across the room from the window). Then in June he got a 5 gallon tank and more fish, and his little tank got disassembled and put away. And I missed having the fish to watch.

I borrowed Thomas’ small tank and got myself a handful of neon tetras and fell in love with how pretty they were and how enjoyable they were to have around.

Now, Preston‘s parents are infamous, since we moved up here, for getting our Christmases to us around our anniversary near the end of July. It’s become as much a family tradition as it has a very funny ‘joke’ (we all do enjoy kidding around with each other! probably too much). They came up for a day at the end of July, and the four of us celebrated my and Preston’s anniversary – and they gave us our Christmas money – from last year. See, that’s how it works. Christmas comes and goes, and we get our gifts the following July. Christmas in July. Works for all of us.

I went out to Wal-Mart and bought myself a 5 gallon aquarium and everything I needed for it, including a spiffy little ‘rip current’ sign and a puffer fish cave. I buy my fish from Pet Supermarket; they’re less expensive, and they’re healthier fish.

This is the current state of my tank. It houses two albino corries, one black neon tetra, one guppy, and five goldfish.

I would dearly love to get a 20 gallon tank, but I measured the table I keep this one on, and it’s one inch all the way around too small to hold a tank that big. Broke my heart. A 15 gallon will have to do. And I’ll be getting that for Christmas from Preston (this year, not next July lol).

Near the middle of August, I went into Pet Supermarket to buy two goldfish and four neon tetras. I came out with this gorgeous lavender veil-tail betta and two black neon tetras – and a betta bowl and betta food. I’ve since bought Humphrey his own 1.5 gallon tank. Yes, his name is Humphrey. As soon as I saw him, I said, “Well, hello there, Humphrey.” So of course he had to come home with me.

His original betta bowl is sitting in storage under the kitchen sink, and last payday I had to stop myself from going back to the pet store to buy another betta. I may not have as much self-control next payday …

But yeah. There it is. Me. Fish. I love them. I want more. More!