my hair

I’ve been taking care of my own hair since August, I think. I know it’s been a while. I’m sitting here reading this website and absolutely dying because my shampoo contains some of the exact same ingredients of the dish soap I use! ICK! Let me repeat that. DISH SOAP!

I made the command decision this morning after my shower to continue caring for my hair on my own. I’m going to buy a pair of dusting sheers, and the next time I’m at the mall, I’m going to pick up a bottle of DevaCurl Low-Poo. Since last Fall, I’ve been washing my hair only once or twice a week, and it’s been tons healthier, and my curls have been happier and more bountiful (not that I ever need more curls, but there it is). I also sleep with my hair braided, which I’ve been doing for several years now once it got long enough again and I remembered to do this.

This is a picture I took with the camera on my phone and the use of a hand-held mirror (never let a dyslexic blonde loose in front of any mirror. hilarity ensues!):

mari's hair