update on my health, appointments, and so forth

I called UK’s financial counselors, and she faxed over the application I need. But she was running low on ink and so was the office here at the apartment complex, so the copy I received didn’t print very well. She is going to try again in the morning. Faxing it will get it to me faster than USPS mail even though we’re in the same town.

Also called and canceled the gynecology appointment I had made with Paragon Women’s for February 21st (I had made it last week while I was over there seeing my therapist).

Then I called UK Gynecology and made my consult appointment. I’ll be going there February 23rd.

I made it to Kroger and back and got my Provera – she filled it generic so cost me a whopping $4 for ten itty bitty tiny pills. I have the first dose in me. And I’m praying this medication helps slow me down. Although, after ten days and it wears off – then what? Ugh.

Anyway. That’s where I am right now. I’ll keep everyone posted as more news develops.