my first time with johnson’s

baby shampoo. Seriously, people. Get your minds out of the gutter.

If you remember this post, you remember me discussing going sulfate free with the shampoo. While that’s almost impossible (just about every shampoo you pick up contains a sulfate of some kind or another), I found out that Johnson’s Baby Shampoo is one of the best shampoos you could ever use on your hair.

I put this on my shopping list for today and remembered to pick up a bottle. I just got out of the shower. And about all I can say is, “Wow. This is remarkable.” The worst part was, where there is no SLS in the shampoo, I couldn’t tell how much shampoo I had in my hair. Was it lathering? Did I pour out enough? Is it on my scalp? (because shampoo is for the scalp – conditioner is for the length but mostly the ends) So I washed, rinsed, and washed again.

In between washes, I used my shower comb. It slipped right through. Unusual but welcome! Afterward, I squeezed the water out, used my shower comb again, and was amazed that my hair was already hanging in spirals all over my head. I squeezed out more water, used my shower comb again, and was amazed that I wasn’t losing hair down the drain in clumps like I usually do! (part of this is stress, part of it is age, part of it is Prozac, the rest is hormones) Then I wound it up in a towel like normal and did my usual after-shower routine.

I took my hair down probably about fifteen minutes later. Shook my head, and here were all these beautiful curls. And no tangles! I took my detangling comb to it and couldn’t believe how easily it was to comb out. Unreal. (am going to be buying myself a new detangling comb next payday)

Needless to say, I’m very satisfied. My hair is so soft, shiny, and smells good. And it’s not coming out in my hands when I run my fingers through it – huge bonus and in just one shampoo!

here’s a couple of pictures:

mari's hair