i don’t have to have surgery

The good news is that I’m not going to have to have surgery! And those four days I spent in Loyall drastically lowered my blood pressure (from 156/85 to 120/72!). The Mirena is still in place and my OB/GYN wants me to keep it for five to six years if it will stay in place that long. The bad news is that means I won’t be spending a month in Loyall. But Preston said after all my bills come in and we get them paid off, I am going to rent another car and come back down again for another extended weekend/week/some time off.


I saw the eye doctor Wednesday too. No change (since 2009!). This is great news for me and my special eyes. My eyes are, for the first time in my life, healthy. I’m still blind and always will be. Even though she did the digital imaging of my eyes, she still wants me to go back (Tuesday) to get my eyes dilated so she can take a closer look at my retinas and optic nerves.

Right around the optic nerve, I have an area that’s really bright, and she wants to make sure there’s no thinning, wearing, tearing, drusen, etc.

So I won’t be able to see all day on Tuesday. Brenda was going to schedule me for the last appointment of the day, and I told her no. I’ll just be blind all day – and I can come home and sleep the rest of the day, or at least be lazy and lie in bed all day.