more on my ‘special eyes’

So my special eyes and I are back from my follow-up appointment. I have to be at UK tomorrow for a more thorough exam. (last week she had wanted to dilate my eyes for a closer look, but I didn’t let her because I had to be able to see to get to the ob/gyn later that afternoon (my eyes take forever to come off dilation).) As she peered in, she said, “Interesting. I’m going to look again.” And she did. Like three times.

Then she went back through my chart again, got it into her hand, and pushed her stool over to me, even though we both knew I couldn’t see. She said, “We both know you haven’t had laser surgery. But here’s the thing. Laser surgery leaves these tiny telltale marks. And you have them in your right eye. Exactly where they should be.” She also said the optic nerve doesn’t sit exactly where it should.

We went through my medical history again.

She said I’m showing all the signs of having an optic/retinal tumor – but I’m not showing any symptoms outside of the occasional migraine or headache. She said it’s very possible that I have an undiagnosed “pseudo-tumor”; she said it’s really not that uncommon and can wreak havoc with your eyesight, or maybe it’s something that’s been there for a very long time and nobody ever told me if it was found.

Hence the trip to UK. She wants me to see a specialist, so they can take an even closer look at what’s going on and see if they can find out what my eye is up to.