my eyes and i went to uk yesterday

My appointment at UK Opthalmology at Kentucky Clinic was yesterday morning at 8:30, so it was another getting up at 6am day – third in a row – and of course rain was pouring from the sky in sheets. I kept an eye out for ducks wearing raincoats on my way to the bus stop! At the clinic, I went to the information desk first to make sure the eye clinic whose location I’m familiar with (we walk by it on the way to Thomas’ internists’ appointments) was the place I was supposed to be going to. And it was, so I headed upstairs. I didn’t wait long – I barely had time to fill out the requisite information sheets before I was called back.

I sat in the exam chair for three hours, and I was alone maybe a grand total of fifteen minutes the entire time. I had a headache and was exhausted by the time I got home – Kitty and I napped!

The nurse came in and got all the information down and called my regular eye doctor for my chart – and dilated my eyes; that’s when I wished for Preston because I wasn’t sure I would be able to see to get home (what with the dark and the rain). Although as I sat there dilating, I gave myself a figurative kick in the ass; with everything I knew they were going to do, I should have realized they would have to dilate. Duh. And boy they did stuff to my eyes I didn’t know they could do – such as an ocular ultrasound; that was weird and neat at the same time. I got to ‘play’ with an Amsler grid and with lights and prisms. And stuff.

And no fewer than three medical students were brought in to look inside my eyes to further their education. Two different doctors (other than the one assigned to me) came in to look, as well as three residents. That was fun. I felt like the circus main attraction. “Y’all gotta come see this woman’s freaky eyes! Check this shit out!”

But they were all wonderful. They explained everything with great care and always paused to ask if I had any questions and understood what was happening, what they’d found, etc. I’ve never had so many lights shined in my eyes, pictures taken, and so forth. I had a wild morning, for sure.

We found out the reason I hold my head back so far and at that odd angle is because I’m trying to get my right eye to focus. It’s not focusing because the optic nerve is swollen. The left eye has the same problem but isn’t anywhere near as severe. This is likely where the majority of my migraines/headaches are coming from and what’s making me more alpha-dyslexic (with the stemmed lowercase letters) – and why my vision often seems blurry no matter what I do. I’ve not been able to see well at all my entire life; I had bad eyes in the womb; ‘blurred vision’ isn’t something abnormal to me. But they told me four years is too long to have migraines without going to a doctor. (which I understand, but what do you do when you don’t have insurance and don’t qualify for medicaid?)

I was starving by the time we finished and had planned to go to the snackbar across from the Opthalmology clinic. When I saw the time, I changed my mind. That place would have been cram-packed with students, patients, and staff vying for lunch. I decided to starve until I got home since the bus was due in something like fifteen minutes.

The result of all of this is that I’ve got to have more testing done, including an MRI. They want to make sure that I don’t have any tumors of any sort pressing against my optic nerves making them swell. An MRI will let them have a better look at my bbrraaaaaiiinnnss. Which also means I have to take out my helix piercing and hope, after a year, that it’s healed enough that it won’t close up when I put the stud back in (it was a year old on the 9th).

This is nerve-wrecking for me. Mommy had a pituitary tumor and was about my age when she started having problems – including horrible headaches, high blood pressure, acromegaly … Even all this time later, specialists don’t know what cause these tumors or whether they’re actually hereditary or not (there seems to be a lot of disagreement in the research).

I go in for my MRI on Friday, March 18 at 10:30am.