packing up

I packed up four boxes today – and still have stuff on the counter I need to pack. No, we’re not moving, but our apartment is having some construction done next week. I’m packing up stuff out of the kitchen and bathrooms that we won’t need until after the construction is over (it’s all going to be done in one day). Miss Kitty was worried, so after I finished for today, I gave her some tuna and shrimp. I keep hugging her and reassuring her that we’re not moving.

I have to empty out the pantry, too, as well as both bathroom vanities. Fun times!

I meant to go into the kitchen and take pictures this morning before I got started and totally forgot until after I had taken everything off the walls and had gotten some stuff down out of a few cabinets. I grabbed my phone then and took these two pictures (more to come after the new kitchen is installed):