the current state of my living room

It’s getting ridiculous, and I really dread putting everything back together on Wednesday. But this has to be done. Renovation is mandatory. Right now I’ve gotten to that awkward stage in the kitchen where I don’t know what to put up and what to keep out because I don’t know what I’m going to be needing all day Monday or in the morning Tuesday. If it were as easy as “three cups, three plates, three forks”, that would make my load easier. As of right now, we’ve gotten everything moved out of the dining room except for the floor lamp, the dining room table, and the chair I’m sitting on. That all can be moved tomorrow night before bed.

I asked on Twitter yesterday if it was reasonable enough to ask for a flock of faeries and a herd of brownies to come do all the putting things back where they belong work for me Tuesday night while I’m sleep. In my dreams, I suppose.

I think Miss Kitty still thinks we’re moving again. She keeps looking upset. I know cats get upset with any change in their environment, and I know this has to be rough on her. I gave her a can of Meow Mix Tuna & Shrimp on Friday and her usual Caturday can of Aristocats Flaked Trout yesterday to soothe her – she’ll end up an emotional eater like me if this keeps up. I keep reassuring her that we’re not moving. This is going to suck for her Tuesday. She has to be crated all day. Her crate is small, too, so I don’t know what to do about food, water, litter …

Somebody asked me why Preston and I just don’t “go over to one of our parents’ places” on Tuesday during the construction since we really don’t have anywhere else to go. I burst out laughing. Somebody apparently hasn’t been paying as much attention to me and mine and Preston’s history as he thought. Good for a laugh, I suppose.

Anyway. Here are pictures of the current state of my living room. It’s going to be worse once the table gets moved and the rest of the kitchen gets emptied out. (click images to view larger size)