renovation complete

Keep in mind that the construction crew managed all of this from 8am through 5pm Wednesday. It just took me from Wednesday evening until yesterday to get it all back together again. And it’s not completely back together.

Two of the cabinets have to be redone, and I do have a work-order in with the leasing office. When I loaded my good china into its cabinet, one of the shelves sagged. I said, “Well, that’s not supposed to happen.” I got to looking at the shelf brackets in that cabinet, and they were all put in upside down. So I looked inside all of the cabinets (even under the sink and the rest) to make sure their brackets were correct. I found one more cabinet with upside down brackets. I immediately called the office. Too, my brand new refrigerator, the freezer has a piece of door seal that isn’t touching the actual refrigerator at all; lots of cold air coming out of there.

But really those are the only things they’re going to have to come back for. I’m very, very happy with my new kitchen and the upgrades in the bathrooms. (We’re getting new toilets, bathtubs, and shower surrounds next year.)

This Summer, they’re going to come back and strip all the siding off the exterior walls, all the trim, and all the gutters, etc, etc. They will be replacing all of that with new and building us all new balcony / patio surrounds. For those of us who need it, like me, they’ll be putting the proper landscaping tools around our patios so we don’t get inundated with water and mud every time it rains (and yay! I’ll actually be able to use my patio! (it’s a huge patio – 14’x8′ – more like a porch!). Then the landscapers will come in, and we’ll get all new landscaping.

I told the office they’re trying really hard to get rid of me!

And here are my pictures. What you can’t see are the new light fixtures including the new ceiling fan (with four lights!) in the dining room. (I got really mad at Wal-Mart Friday. I was going to replace the bulbs in the ceiling fan with CFLs. The ones I need come only in three-packs. And I need four. I don’t have the money to pay $20 for six light bulbs!) ((click on images to see full size))