getting it back together

Yesterday I spent from 4pm until something like 9:30pm finishing up the office. It’s fantastic in here. I packed up all my ritual and belly dance garb from our closet (where it’d been since Thomas moved in) and got it all ready to go into the wash, as well as all of my table linens; I’ll be taking all that down to wash in a bit. As I was carrying it all into the living room, all my bells jingled and tinkled. It made me very happy – almost giddy. Then I found the box where I’d stored my altar tools all this time – honestly, for real, I had forgotten what box it was in and where it was!

I took it out to the kitchen table and opened it and set everything out – and put what needed to go / what could go into the dishwasher. It’s all set up now minus the altar cloths (they’re in the wash). And in that box I found the mugwort bundle I thought I’d lost or had otherwise used up and had tossed out. I’m fairly certain I did The Sims happy dance when I found that mugwort!

So here after I get the laundry done and all the garbage (three bundles) and all the recycling (five bundles (not counting the collapsed cardboard boxes)) down to the dumpsters, I’m going to give the house another physical clean. Then I’ll give it another metaphysical clean paired with a nice, deep smudging.