saw my therapist today

Saw my therapist today.

I had been anxious to see what my blood pressure was like since I’ve been on the water pill and with Thomas gone. People, it’s not been this good since before Mommy died in 2000. 120/74!! And I’ve lost 5.5#!!

And I have to say that along with the beautiful weather we’ve been having, my agoraphobia isn’t anywhere near as terrible as it had been over the last five, ten years. I’ve caught myself thinking, I wish it’d stop raining so I can take my bike out or I wish it’d stop raining / get warmer out so I can take walks again.

I’m probably going to be dropping the Trazadone because the Amitriptyline is working so well. I don’t need but one drug to put me to sleep, and since the latter is an antidepressant and used to treat migraines, that’s the one I need the worst. I may get to drop the Propranolol as well.

Regardless of what I keep or lose, I don’t have another appointment with her until the 6th of June! She thinks I’m doing just fine out here by myself.