believe it or not, i’m still alive

Of course you know what ‘they’ say about the best laid plans – but ‘they’ say a lot about a lot, don’t they? I just haven’t had a lot to blog about. Life is happening. Writing is happening. Most everything is excellent. So, not a whole lot to report. I like to think of that as a good thing. At the same time, I don’t like my blog going stagnant, either.

Right now, Miss Kitty Thing is at Banfield. She’s just in for her annual physical, nothing serious, and to get her rabies and other vaccines; I can’t believe she’s five already! She was scheduled to get her teeth cleaned at 11:30 and was asleep when I called at 10:45 to check on her. They give pets mild sedation for teeth cleanings there; and knowing Kitty, I understand why! Dr Weingartner said she’d done great this morning. She had gained half a pound since September and was otherwise perfect and healthy. That puts her at 12.5# now; she’s a chunk of kitty! He said I should be able to pick her up around 4pm.

This put a knot in my scheduling for today. I’m used to picking her up after she’s been dropped off for three hours. I forgot that with the sedation, she’d have to wait until she woke up a little. So instead of leaving Lexington for Corbin at 11am like I had intended, I’ll be leaving Lexington for Harlan at 5pm. But it can’t be helped, and I’ve made all the appropriate calls to all of the appropriate people to let them know so no one will be worrying about me. It means I won’t get dinner in Harlan tonight, but I suppose I’ll live.

Friday and Saturday, I will be at the Poke Sallet Festival in downtown Harlan. And no, I’m not misspelling “sallet” – you get “sallet” when you have to boil the greens before you eat them. I’ll be inside the Tourism Center, selling books in the convention area. I’m taking Harlan County Horrors along with me. I’ll be at the table alone with my books and bookmarks – and my Kindle and my ink pen and paper, you better believe it! I believe the center is open from either 8am until 4pm or from 9am until 5pm; their website has been taken down, so I can’t confirm this. (9-5 sounds more correct)

(and if I have my brain with me this trip, I hope to remember to collect money owed to me from JewelCraft)

I saw my OB/GYN at UK Women’s Healthcare yesterday. She’s still very happy with my overall health and progress, still calling me her ‘Mirena Miracle’. My blood pressure was still up a bit too high for her liking. It measured 133/80. So it’s still down, it’s just not perfect. In my opinion, at this point in my lifetime, it’s probably never going to be perfect again, not with my family medical history. Still, we strive to lower it. She was happy to hear that I’ve gotten care for and relief from my migraines. Also, I had gained almost ten pounds after Thomas moved out (Preston and I horded our favorite things because we knew he wasn’t around to eat them out from under us now, and we went a bit overboard). The good news is that as of yesterday afternoon, I had lost seven of those pounds. This makes me want to get a bathing suit so I can start going over to the pool before it gets too sunny and too hot for me to be outside (for a host of reasons, I can’t be outside between 12pm and 6pm).

I don’t see my therapist again until Monday afternoon, but when I saw her in April, she was very happy with how well I’ve been doing. Too, I’m happy to report (which goes in hand with my bathing suit comment) that my agoraphobia seems to be lessening with time. I’m getting more urges to actually be outside the apartment now. I couple this with proper care, proper medications, and less stress. I know agoraphobia isn’t something I’ve discussed here much (along with other things), but I’m trying to break out of that “I won’t discuss this here” mold.

I’m writing again. That’s been wonderful and a blessing. I had a one day word count of around 7k a couple of weeks ago. That made me very happy – and made my wrist and hand very sore. Right now, I’m in the process of ripping Midnight’s Heir apart like I did its predecessor. That’s been an adventure all by itself. Last year, I added to the word count and had written my heart out. Now, about three-quarters of what I added is going to have to be cut. I started putting all the separate files together, and that puppy is huge. Preston brought me home a printout – in four file folders. Whoops. So I’ve been sitting down with the writer’s equivalent of a hacksaw for the last month now trying to find the heart of the story and weed out the unnecessary sidetracks. That’s been a full time job! I sent out the opening sequence to readers only to find out its ‘too incestuous’, even for vampire readers. Those readers also gave me some fantastic tips on how to fix that and clued me in big-time on how father-daughter relationships are supposed to work, especially adult father-daughter relationships.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you writing books is easy!!

Well, the writing isn’t hard. But everything that comes after is a full time business all by itself.

eta: Got an e-mail from a former teacher in Corbin who’s on the library board there. I had asked about selling a copy of HCH to the library. She said she had made the suggestion to the board when the book first came out in October 2009. She looked the book up on the library website to learn that the book had been checked out and never returned. Status=Lost. Isn’t that lovely? (She wrote: “but it was checked out in September of 2010 and someone liked it so much they did not bring it back.”) She told me who to call and put the purchase request in with. It just so happened I called the library while the person was online with ordering books. Am I good or what?