a tale of three appointments

I had two appointments in the last week (not counting my trip), and Miss Kitty had one. My next appointment isn’t until the 29th, and that’s with the UK Eye Clinic.

I saw my OB/GYN at UK on the 1st before I went out to pick up my rental car. I had lost 5# and my blood pressure was still down. My blood pressure was a bit elevated, but I blamed trudging from the bus stop in the heat. At least it’s not topping at or over stroke levels like it had been. She told me to stop using tampons – I’d been using the smallest I could find – and use pantyliners and minipads instead. She and I are both hoping I will continue through menopause over the course of having this Mirena, and she said if for some reason I don’t, at the end of six years, we’ll insert another one. I’m all for it.

I took all of my tampons that were unopened back to Wal-mart (couldn’t take back the super-pluses because I’d opened them at one point expecting I would need them) and bought a supply of pantyliners and minipads. And she was right. The spotting has stopped. The hot flashes and night sweats have increased, but as long as I’m not bleeding to death, I’m not going to complain.

Over all, my doctor is very pleased with my progress. She is still calling me her “Mirena Miracle”. It’s a comfort knowing I’m not going to bleed out (or gush blood for a month like I did back in the Winter) and feel like I’m going into labor every 25 days. I can go out without worrying about taking a box of tampons and a change of clothes with me “just in case”. She said I’m no longer anemic and said my jaw hit the floor and bounced when she told me. I’ve been chronically anemic for my entire life! But of course flowing like the River Nile once a month and being intolerant to iron supplements didn’t help me at all. Since we got the bleeding under control and found an iron supplement that I can actually take without causing a mess of problems, my system has finally had a chance to correct itself. I’m also no longer as pale as the bride of Dracula, either.

Monday afternoon before I turned in the rental car, I saw my therapist. My blood pressure was a bit down from what it had been when I saw my OB/GYN Wednesday – but I’d been to Harlan and had been able to drive to my therapy appointment instead of walking from the bus stop in the heat. I had also lost 2# over the last five days (selling books and going to Dairy Hut is hard work!). We chatted on the way back to her office, but before we could get sat down, she saw my arm and yelled, “Oh, my god! What happened?” I’m surprised the entire clinic didn’t hear. So I told her about my dog bite. Which led into why Bill and I hadn’t seen each other for almost sixteen years and why and how we’d managed to get back in touch now.

We talked about the other topics we talk about, but I failed to tell her about the anemia and that my agoraphobia has improved somewhat. I see her again in July just to touch base and to get new prescriptions. After that, I can see her whenever I need or want to see her or need new prescriptions. She’s very happy with the progress I’ve made over the last year. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long already!

And Miss Kitty Thing went to Pharr Road Animal Hospital last Thursday for her annual check up and routine vaccinations – as well as her license renewal and rabies vaccine. Her new carrier is really neat. It’s small but high enough for her to stand in if she wants, and it’s lightweight even with her inside. I like that it has notches in the top so you can buckle it down with the lap belt part of a seatbelt. As usual when we went inside PetSmart and she saw Dottie, she did a little tap dance inside her crate. She adores her veterinary staff, even though she sees them twice a year. They crack me up over there. They call the day before the appointment and say, “We’re just calling to see if (appointment time) is still convenient for Miss Kitty tomorrow (afternoon/morning). We know she has a busy schedule.”

She did really well. She had a complete physical, and on top of that I had her claws trimmed and her teeth cleaned. They have to sedate for the teeth cleaning, so they did her claws while she was under. They always sign her paperwork, “Thank you for bringing Miss Kitty in today. She’s always such a sweetheart.” I always wonder if they’re talking about our Miss Kitty or someone else’s (there were two other Miss Kittys awaiting adoption there when we got ours).

I hated to take her straight home and leave her, as loopy as she still was. But Preston had left work early, so he was there with her. That made me feel better. She curled up in her Amazon box and went back to sleep. I’m sure she doesn’t even remember the trip home.