by way of an explanation

I want to explain this tweet:

Actually, I find it kinda sad and crazy that I have to post such an explanation, but please allow me to do it anyway.

See, here’s the thing.

I’m not sure why, but it all started when I got a cellphone four years ago. It’s like certain people think that because I have a cellphone that they can call me or text me any time they want. Honestly? That kind of behavior makes me less inclined to answer calls or text from those people.

Number one. I’m agoraphobic. This makes me less inclined to want to hang out on any kind of telephone – cell or wired.

Number two. Even as a teenager, I never understood the desire or need to talk on the telephone for hours on end. Why?

Number three. I have better, more important things to do with my life. Usually spending time with Preston, resting, writing, or doing housework (or shopping).

The biggest thing? Number three. Especially if I’ve explicitly stated somewhere (usually Twitter) At the beginning of June, for example, I stated both on my blog and on Twitter that I was going out of town, that I was going to be selling books at a fair in Harlan County, that on the way home, I was stopping to spend a day with my dad in Corbin.

You know what happened? My cellphone rang off the hook. I got text messages out the ear. I was pissed. I’d be trying to talk to people and sell books, and my cellphone would ring, and I’d have to look at people and say, “I’m so sorry.” But I wouldn’t answer – because that’s one of the exact wrong times to answer any call. I tweeted on my way to Corbin that I was on my way to visit my dad, and during the visit, I got umpty calls and texts. We hadn’t seen each other in almost sixteen years. An uninterrupted visit would have been wonderful.

What the hell is wrong with people??

And right now, as my tweet posted above clearly states, I’m getting ready to go do some homemaking. I’ll be vacuuming, washing floors, scrubbing tubs and toilets, dusting, etc, etc. I won’t be able to answer the phone.

And after I get finished with my chores, I’m going to the pool. And after I come home, I’m going to get some reading and some editing done.

Me saying, “I’m unavailable” isn’t an invitation for my phone to start ringing and texts to start pouring in. Why people think that, I have no fucking clue. But it’s rude.

So don’t call me. I’m busy!

eta: btw ftr, i use a third party site that feeds my blog posts (ie, what i post here) to twitter. another third party site feeds my twitter posts to facebook. so, whatever i post here or on twitter eventually does make its way to facebook.