a post about thomas

I really don’t have any more news than what I had earlier today.

Thomas came up from Mt Vernon for his check-up at the transplant clinic at UK hospital. We went in to have his blood drawn, which was a chore. Dude had a hell of a time getting a good stick. This is same dude who stuck him with no problems at all on the 15th. Problem is, he’s so badly dehydrated right now that his veins don’t want to cooperate (just for the record, he peed a whopping one time the entire time I was at the hospital, and that was at 9:30 this morning before his exam). Then we went in to get his vitals before his exam, and he’d lost right at 15# since the 15th. He weighs 161# now. (This makes 35# total he’s lost that we know of for sure.) His creatinine was 6.8 (it was 1.5 on the 15th, and you want it to be right around 1.1), and he was showing a lot of potassium in his blood (that’s one thing I don’t have a number for). Also, the blood work and urine sample didn’t show one trace of any kind of medication that he’s supposed to be taking.

The doctor told him if he lost this kidney due to outright neglect, he won’t get another one and will have to live the rest of his life, however long that may be, taking dialysis several times each week. She said it was his choice to go into the hospital and get his meds and hydration straightened out and have the biopsy done. He said, “It don’t matter. If I lose it, then I’ll just live my life the way I want to, and if I die, I die.” The doctor looked at me and said, “I’m going to go see about that room,” and left.

I’ve had a lot of people ask if they can help in any way at all. The biggest help right now would be prayers – lots of prayer – and some spare cash. I have Thomas’ car right now – so that means I’ve paid for parking today and will have to every day he’s in the hospital ($6 per day is the patient rate). Also, I have to have money to eat on while I’m there (a light lunch ~$8). I hate to beg but if anyone is willing to help out with those two things, then PayPal me at mari @ mariadkins.com (without the spaces) ~~ and thank you.

And that’s all the news I have right now. The biopsy is scheduled for 11am tomorrow (Tuesday).


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this is the view from his room. you can bet he’s thrilled to be this close to the helipad. ha ha

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