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DragonTalk Radio, Virtual Con, and the Purple Ears Society

Press Release for Virtual Con 1!

First of It’s Kind Virtual Sci-fi/Fantasy Convention Keeps Costs Down

St. Louis, MO (—The price of gas and other economical factors adversely affected attendance at many media conventions so far this year. At these events, fans of science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, supernatural thrillers, anime, and comic books converge with an avid enthusiasm akin to a religious pilgrimage at hotels and other convention centers across the country for weekends filled with a celebration of all things geek. A few of the shows grew in attendance this year, but many declined. Many fans are having to work extra jobs or overtime hours to make ends meet (if they aren’t unemployed). Even if they can get the time off, they must gravely assess the current cost of road trip with gasoline prices soaring, while hotel rooms and restaurant meals don’t get any cheaper.

One convention coming up on Nov. 11th, 12th, and 13th, looks to address this by using videoconferencing technology. Virtual Con 1 will allow fans to enjoy the convention experience without leaving their homes, or simply by going over to a friend’s house for a virtual “con party”. The fan community will be able to rub shoulders with actors, authors, indie movie moguls, comic book artists, voice actors, and other celebrities from the convention world just as they would at a “brick & mortar” convention by using an easy-to-use user interface provided by the corporate training specialists at Smart Training. The interface will also provide a movie room, a cooking lesson from Stuart Bergman aka “The Con Cuisine Guy”, and a lesson in pirate fashion from the makers of “Salty Eye for the Mundane Guy”. Actor Guest of Honor is Jackson Bostwick of “Shazam!” and “Tron”. Author Guest of Honor is Shane Moore of “The Abyss Walker” series.

Virtual Con is the brainchild of Larry Lewis, the Executive Producer of “DragonTalk Radio: Your Convention Connection”, a weekly podcast and audio magazine that showcases the geek convention world. Virtual Con 1 will be convened on November 11th, 12th, and 13th, 2011.

For more information on Virtual Con, contact “DragonTalk Radio: Your Convention Connection” at or call 314-662-3047. The website is