thomas news – monday october 10

Monday, October 3:

I met with Thomas’ medical team and his psychiatric team this morning. They basically told me there’s not much of anything anybody can do to help Thomas after he leaves the hospital other than keep impressing upon him that he’s got to take care of himself.

His main doctor this morning told us both (me and Thomas) that his best case scenario right now is leaving the hospital Friday or Saturday, but at most IF he takes care of himself, he’s probably looking at another 15 to 17 years of life. And they flat out told him that due to how he’s treated himself, he’s not a candidate for another transplant. Right now the Thymoglobulin is and isn’t helping – his creatinine hasn’t changed from 2.8 since Saturday, so they’re going to keep him in the hospital until Friday or Saturday at the least.

After that, he’ll be going home alone to his apartment in Mt Vernon.

I also spoke with a social worker, and she spoke with Thomas about assisted housing when he leaves UK, but he flat out refused to go that route.

Today, Monday October 10:

Thomas came up for a clinic appointment this morning. He looks bad. He weighs 155#, so he’s lost more weight. His blood pressure was 168/94. His creatinine had gone back up to 3.2, and the potassium in his urine was low again.

His medical team isn’t very happy, and neither am I.

He turned a nice shade of pale when his main nephrologist was delivering all this happy news.

He was wearing the same clothes he was wearing after he took a shower here Thursday, and when I asked him where his folder with his medicine list was so we could give it to the nurse, he said he didn’t know where it was – probably lost somewhere in the back of his car.

I don’t know.

I mean, we knew the news going into and out of the hospital wasn’t going to be good news. But if he just refuses to take care of himself, there’s not a whole lot anybody else can do for him.

So that’s where we are – he’s still in acute transplant rejection. She wants him in clinic once a week for a while, then she’s going to taper him off.