nanowrimo – 2

Date: September 5, 2003
Music: Breaking Benjamin – Wish I May

Mom had the pantry door in the kitchen painted with blackboard paint when the house was built when I was little. She uses it to scribble random things–like WHY ME?–when she’s on the phone or to make a kind of grocery list.

Sometimes we’ll come through, and she’ll have written something like, TODAY I’M THANKFUL FOR–and we’ll all respond with something silly. Like one time, Daddy wrote BRUSSELS SPROUTS, and Steve put NO NECKTIES AT THE MARKET!!! My friends sometimes add stuff to it, too. Then of course are the times Mom thinks our house is Grand Central Station and writes so on the pantry door. Some smart-alec, usually Steve or Devon, will come through and list ticket prices and destinations. One time Devon put, “NARNIA,” and left off the ticket price. I added, “ONE MAGIC WARDROBE.” Which, of course, for almost a week after that, we all kept putting up bad Narnia jokes and puns.
Sometimes stuff like, “THREE MAGIC BEANS,” or, “NO LEAN,” or, “CURDS AND WHEY,” or “FOUR AND TWENTY BLACKBIRDS” show up like magic along with Mom’s grocery list.

Sometimes Mom and Steve, or Daddy and Mom, or Donna and Steve will write mushy love notes on the door. Or Mom will go out to Grandpa’s and leave a note that says, “GONE TO NARNIA. BACK SOON!”

Notes I don’t like? The ones that say, “DESTINY, DO YOUR LAUNDRY.” I always want to write back, “CAN’T STEVE DO IT?” Well, I did once, but Mom didn’t think it was very funny. I still had to do my own laundry. I don’t mind, though; Mom has a cool washing machine and dryer get up out in the mudroom. I also don’t like the ones that say, “DESTINY, DO YOUR HOMEWORK.” One time I wrote that I didn’t have any, and Steve wrote back, “A PASSENGER TRAIN LEAVES HARLAN AT 55MPH, HOW SOON WILL IT ARRIVE IN CORBIN?” Devon wrote back, “DAD, PASSENGER TRAINS STOPPED RUNNING IN THE 60S. GET REAL!”

Oh the fun we have! It’s a good thing we all love each other. (Mom says that a lot, too.)

And sometimes what gets put on the door is good enough that Mom takes a picture to keep. Someday somebody is going to find that folder on her computer hard drive and think we’re insane.

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