my china

So, this is what we’ll be eating off of tomorrow. Kathy bought these in a box with a bunch of other china at an estate sale a number of years ago (we were still on Richmond Road back then); if I’m remembering right, she paid a whopping $1 for the entire box. I have five teacups (thanks Sandhi) that are the same Royal Rose pattern as the dessert plates; I also have a sugar/creamer set that I bought for myself in the same pattern (thank you Burlington Coat Factory for having them at just the right time!).

These are the supper plates. The stamp on the back of the one on the left says “Théodore Haviland, Limoges, France”.

These are the dessert plates. The dessert plates have no markings on the back, so I don’t have a clue where or when they were made.