a list about lexington

Things I love about Lexington:

We finally got some good neighbors around us, so that’s a real blessing.
The people in management/management and the parties at the complex clubhouse.
All the cute little puppies, cats, and small children.

Oh wait. Lexington. Not our apartment complex. Damn.

The awesome friends I’ve made here over the last three to four years.

The Morris Book Shop.

The uniqueness that Chevy Chase and other neighborhoods are struggling to hold on to so they don’t become mirror images of every other neighborhood in Lexington.

All the old, huge, beautiful houses and trees.


Things I don’t love so much:

All the vehicle traffic – including all the drivers who don’t pay attention to cyclists, pedestrians. Even the traffic based advertisements bother me, if I see another Tread Hunter ad on the highway, I swear!

Year-round allergies. My allergies weren’t this horrific when I lived in Harlan.

Hamburg Pavilion. Hamburg was a great idea in theory and on paper, but what we got isn’t anywhere near what they promised. That’s a shame. It really could have been so much more and a really neat place.

That the city thinks it has to plow under all those old, huge, beautiful trees to make roads and shopping centers – the same roads and shopping centers that have cropped up in every single neighborhood and cost Lexington its most precious flavor.