nyny: two posts in one

I’m trying to catch up, so I’m plunking down two posts with this one.

Week One – Making Way

Clean House (declutter, clean, and cleanse your living space)

This is easy enough.

It’s something I’ve been working on for a time now, which if you read my blog and follow my tweets you know already.

One thing I’d dearly love to do is get rid of more stuff, mostly in the book and dvd area, but I’m sure there are other things Preston and I both can get rid of if we took a strong eye to the apartment. I’ve been following a lot of household tips and tricks pinboards at Pinterest for a few months now. It’s given me access to a lot of organizing tricks I never would have thought of on my own. Preston keeps saying that I’ve reached that Old Lady phase of dumping things into baskets all over the house. I realized about this time last year, maybe before, that I had a small basket on my kitchen sink where I keep the hand soap and dish washing detergent. Just like Mommy did. I even have bins and baskets in the refrigerator. Watch out – the freezer just might be next!

As for the cleansing, I have that covered. I’m a housekeeping weirdo. I like to toss metaphysical cleansing into my regular housekeeping routine. It’s what works for me. Also, I find that I don’t have to do a “let’s break the whole apartment down and cleanse the fuck out of it” anywhere near as often when I clean/cleanse this way.

Time (“Is your time being well spent?”)

In early October, I went out and got a special notebook – not a day planner or anything like that, just a notebook – that I can keep on the table beside the computer to jot things down on as they come to mind and keep track of things I need to do. This has helped me quite a bit. Much better than an out-of-sight tasklist (such as in Outlook or on OneNote).

Also, I’m trying to keep better track of how much time I actually spend online as opposed to everything else in life. It boils down to spending more time online not doing shit instead of doing everything else. That’s one thing I’ve got to stop – and it helps to press that little blue-lighted wi-fi button now and then; I’ve just got to start doing that more. If I could wean myself from Twitter, that would be amazing all by itself.

I’ve been reading at ADDitude Magazine and following their twitter, and that’s helped a lot (with organization and time management, and with other ADD/ADHD stuff).

I’m horrific at scheduling. But I’m working on this!

Now if someone would invent a pill, or something, that would help one remember what he got up and went into the next room for …

Rocks (take a look at your baggage and do a few things to address it)

Gods. I have enough baggage to open a luggage store. I’d make a mint! I have no idea where to start on this one. But I’ll make a note of it and come back to it.

Week Two – Goals

What do you want to accomplish in 2012 (using both magical and mundane means)?

physical health
– get to my doctors’ appointments
– find a migraine medication that works
– get to the fitness center once it reopens
– learn how to use the new equipment at the fitness center!
– take more walks
– ride my bicycle more
– watch portions
– fix healthier meals

mental health
– get to my therapy appointments
– declutter and organize the apartment better
– learn more about ADD/ADHD and how to help myself better
– relearn how to take time off
– keep better track of my medications

– create a better writing environment
write more, damn it!
– keep better notes
– type up that edited manuscript already

– continue with the organization
– continue with the decluttering
– get back on a regular cleaning schedule
– get back to cleaning something at least once a day
– clean the counters and sweep the floors every night
– unload the dishwasher!