tentative appointments and surgery dates

I finally heard back from Robin, my surgeon’s nurse, yesterday afternoon. She hadn’t called me because she’d been out of the office and apologized that no one had cared to let me know each time I’d called last week and this.

We sat on the phone together for twenty-five minutes trying to cobble together a schedule. Being summertime and everyone going on vacation, and two surgeons wanting to work together on this (go me and my “unique vagina”!), scheduling was a pain. Trying to find a time when both surgeons are available at the same hospital about drove Robin nuts – and me too – she even said that going through the book was making her ready to pull her hair out. And to boot, the current book goes up only to August 20th. Which, guess what, was empty.

I have an appointment next Friday, June 8th, with Dr Rone, so he can meet me and discuss my issues, etc, etc. Then I have pre-op appointments with both him and Dr Midboe-Penn on August 14th. The hysterectomy is scheduled for August 20th.

The reason all of this is tentative. Robin said that Midboe-Penn had recorded clearly in my record that she wants to be there for the surgery and that she recommends the new robotic surgery. It will be less invasive and much better on me – especially given the condition and placement of my c-section scar. (She already ruled out a vaginal surgery, unless Dr Rone decides otherwise when he sees me next week.) Now, if they can do a vaginal removal, I can have that done at Good Samaritan and with no complications be in and out overnight – and possibly can have this done later in June or some time in July. If they opt for the DaVinci, we have to go with the August date, and that surgery has to be done at the new UK hospital.

Meanwhile, I created a new Chipin. I’m going to need money to cover these appointments, for follow-up, medications, and all that wonderful stuff one needs before, during, and after surgery. And also for Preston-care during surgery. I hope he’s not alone at the hospital, whichever one it is, during the surgery, but even if he is, he’s going to need money for meals and possibly enough to keep him a bit entertained. If I’m at Good Samaritan, he can take a break and walk across the street to Jimmy John’s, Pazzo’s, Fazoli’s, Hugh Jass Burgers, or whatever for food, and to Sqecial to keep himself busy, buy me an ‘I love you so much it hurts’ card, and stuff like that. If he’s at the new hospital, he can order Jimmy John’s, use their internet, go to one of the two gift shops for cards and flowers, and so on and so forth.

Also, we will need money for cab fare to get me home. We don’t have a car, and there’s no way I will be able to walk from the bus stop to the apartment after I’m released from the hospital. (Hospital to bus stop probably wouldn’t be a problem; they’re all close together. But bus stop to apartment is a bit of a hike, unfortunately.) Come to that, depending on what time they want me at the hospital, I may need cab fare there, as well. If they want me there at 6am, I will definitely need to cab to the hospital – the first bus out of our neighborhood doesn’t run until 5:53, and I don’t want to be late to the surgery I’ve fought tooth and nail for twenty years for!

All of you helped me get a new computer and pay the deposit on my surgery. Now I’m asking for help again. With Preston out of work, we just can’t cover all of this by ourselves. I created a Chipin with a $250 goal. That’s an estimate. I’m hoping that’s a very high estimate. But perhaps if I don’t need that much, I can get myself something extra-special later? (hey, Loreen, a housecoat and a gown to match my house shoes?) I love and appreciate every single one of you. You’re all my angels. And I can’t thank you enough for all of the help, and love, and support y’all have already given me. If I could hug each one of you in person, I would!