review: blood orchard by sd hintz

Blood Orchard, by SD Hintz
Publisher: Aristotle Books (January 27, 2012)
Language: English
Kindle: $7.99, 296pp
ASIN: B0073M878A

In this horror-filled crime thriller, Coren Raines, stock trader, moves to small Onward, Illinois, to get away from the city and to escape his ex-wife; he wants to start his life over from scratch. Paul Pritchard, sheriff, is bent on framing Coren since he’s the stranger in town, having been there only two days. Kidnappings of six-month-old triplets one block from Coren. Backyard cemetery. Coren’s panic room.

undead Blondies, the sheriff’s missing daughters, triplets themselves, disappeared fifteen years ago. they show up one by one in graves in Coren’s backyard. They bullied Francine Sneller who dreamed of graduating from high school and getting out of Onward. At one point, they abused her and left her, for dead and naked, in a ditch. She was rescued by two men.

Jay Donovan WNDY reporter from Chicago. Pritchard attempts to run him out of town. Jay wants only to get his story – to uncover the truth but finds himself in the story. All through we hear how much he misses his wife and daughters, how he needs to call home, how he needs to get home.

Some of the townspeople have shocking secrets of their own; as these secrets are revealed, some readers may find who’s done what to whom and why shocking. It turns out that things aren’t quite how the reader expected them to be, and everything isn’t resolved at the end.

By the end Coren has lost his mind, and Jay finds a ride back to Chicago.

I read this book almost straight through, too horrified and too intrigued to put it down. writer’s craft – Hintz not afraid to twist his plot twists. strong choice of words and phrases that propel the story slams headlong into the plunge. mood – nightmarish, tense, bloody, unsettling pacing – on its toes, full speed ahead,

Overall, I’d give this story coffee cups out of coffee cups.