happy 12th anniversary, baby

So we did it again. Preston and I bought each other the same card. We’re good at that. You should see our keepsake box. It’s full of either the exact same card or cards are so similar that they could pass for the same. A friend asked us yesterday how we do that. My only answer was, “We’re the same person in two bodies?” It could be true. And Preston just stood there nodding his head saying, “It is true!”

The same friend also asked us how we can remember what we had for lunch the day we met (he had taken us to the store so we could pick up ingredients for said lunch). Because I was starving that day? Because I was loaded with emotional trauma? Because it was delicious? Because it was Preston? Because Preston bought me lunch? Gods, who knows? It’s like people who remember exactly what they were wearing when they met. I don’t know what Preston and I were wearing, but I do remember where we were sitting (sadly, it’s no longer there!).

Have you ever heard the phrase “they’re retarded for each other“? Well, really, that’s me and Preston. It’s true. And it’s been true for going-on twenty years. Twenty years next month. Where did the time go? It just doesn’t seem possible!

But today. Today we celebrate our Gwyddon wedding. Twelve years ago today. Our apartment was full of friends and family, and we were all so happy – and so full of ritual and food! I’m sitting here now looking out the window and remembering the weather that day. To us, the day was absolutely beautiful. Our gods smiled. We lived the day under severe storm warnings. The day was full of torrential rain, high winds, and much lightning and thunder. We had originally planned to have the ritual outside on the patio but had to move it inside to the living room, but it worked okay.

You know you want to know what’s on the menu. What did we have for lunch the day we met and walked together starry-eyed into The Grille? Go ahead and laugh – we do. Deli sandwiches. We had deli sandwiches on Kaiser rolls (meat, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and dressings), french fries, and root beers. My mind also keeps wanting to tell me we split a basket of breadsticks – The Grille had the best breadsticks, and they were just a dollar a basket. But I didn’t get any breadsticks. But I did get a Pepperidge Farm frozen chocolate fudge cake for later. The cake we had with our ritual was a German chocolate cake; those are hard to do for just two people!

I told him later we need to play at least one round of Corbin-rules Rummy or SongBurst or some board game. Trivia for Dummies (but that’s not as fun with two people)? Monopoly? I’d even take my socks off for that, wouldn’t I, Preston?

Love you so, so very much. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, until the day after the end of Forever …